Episode 173: She Was Symptom Free But An X-Ray Revealed A Giant Tumor In Her Abdomen


Lorraine Jean's mother was a fit and active 68 year old woman, weighing less than 130 pounds. When she slipped and hurt her ribs while participating in the sport of curling, she thought it would be a good idea to get an x-ray. Doctors discovered that she had a very large tumor in her abdomen that was blocking the view of her other organs. Amazingly, she had no idea this was inside her. When her daughter Lorraine found out about the tumor she immediately wanted to get her mother on cannabis oil. Doing so did start to shrink the tumor and she said she could feel it getting smaller and moving after a few weeks. When she had it surgically removed, everyone was shocked at the size of it, which was larger than a football. Today her mother is doing great and has resumed her normal busy life. She and her husband tell others in their community about the medical value of cannabis.