Kelly Csada has had 18 feet of her small intestine removed since 1990 in an excruciatingly painful battle with Crohn’s Disease. After discovering cannabis infused oils, she was able to eliminate the long list of pain killers she was on and get her life back. In August of 2016 she opened a medical marijuana dispensary called Kelz Medical Services Corp. in Regina, Saskatchewan selling a variety of cannabis infused products to help others find the same relief for their ailments.

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7 comments on “Episode 5: Cannabis Helps Painful 25 Year Battle with Crohn’s Disease

  1. frances fabbri Oct 20, 2016

    Hi Kelly, I suffer from unceretive colitis for soome time now and I have contacted corrie yeiland and gave me some names to contact and get the cannabis oil from them I havent had a chance yet … and Im not really familiar with all the ingredients that are most beneficial to me would your oil help me with my condition and how would I be able to get it I am from Ontario Canada

    thank you Frances

    • Cannabis Health Radio Oct 22, 2016

      Frances, As with all inquiries about where to get the product, you will have to do a little research on your own and then contact a dispensary in your community. Kelly’s website is

  2. MARK BARTLETT Oct 21, 2016

    Great program. A person you would might want to consider having on is Robert Platshorn. He is a wealth of knowledge — started the Silver Tour Campaign to educate seniors about cannabis. Spent decades in jail for trafficking cannabis — he is an excellent and articulate speaker.

  3. Carmen Oct 21, 2016

    Hi I will like to have information buy this medicine pain in my joints,I don’t take prescribed medicine thanks.

    • Cannabis Health Radio Oct 22, 2016

      Carmen, you will have to find a cannabis dispensary in your area or search online.

  4. james Oct 21, 2016

    I live too far from any dispensary to really make the trip worth while, I found this site Its the best delivery dispensary i’ve tried, they always have fresh weed and reasonable prices, and fast shipping too (I literally live in the middle of nowhere and got my package the same week I ordered it).

  5. Fabulous!! Wonderful!

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