The partner of Baltimore man, Steve Treuth, talks to us about how cannabis oil cleared nearly all of the wide-spread cancer from Steve’s body, but sadly he died of a heart attack after stopping his diabetes medication.

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6 comments on “Episode 13: After clearing nearly all cancer from his body, a heart attack took his life

  1. Joy Davies Nov 2, 2016

    Many people have difficulty with the “high” when consuming cannabis for health benefits, especially cannabis oil in high dosage for use in cancer and other life threatening illnesses.
    I for one, have difficulty with the “high”. I now take 2 caps of the health supplement Citicoline before consuming and do not feel any discomfort. Once I used it after I consumed my oil and the “high” went away in about 3 minutes. I have also been advised that gently breathing in black pepper will alleviate the unwanted “high”. I have not tried this but both are something to consider.

    • Cannabis Health Radio Nov 2, 2016

      Excellent advice Joy.

    • Dixie McCormick Nov 2, 2016

      My son has colorectal stage 4 cancer. They gave him no hope. They are giving him Chemo to reduce the size of the huge main tumor, as big as a foot ball, to help his breathing and heart action. We, the family, started him on RSO mixed with coconut oil and made into suppositories. He takes them anally, one in the morning and one at night. He does not get high. The doctors are amazed as his many many tumors are shrinking and his liver is actually healing!!

      • Cannabis Health Radio Nov 2, 2016

        Good for you Dixie. Keep us posted on your son’s progress. We’d love to talk to you about it when he’s clear.

        • Dixie McCormick Nov 2, 2016

          I will indeed keep you posted… son is only 50, has 5 children and three grand children. He needs to live!!

      • Dixie McCormick Nov 2, 2016

        Corrie I hear so many people talking about the “high” with the cannabis oil that is hard to take. Why aren’t people being educated to the use of suppositories that are so easy to make and easy to insert. There is zero high. Ingesting the same amount would get you high….taking it rectally there is no high. The cannabis is absorbed into the lining of the colon and is dispersed throughout the body. No need to worry about paranoia or getting too “high”…Sending you love. Dixie

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