Listen to Liz from the United States (who does not want us to use her last name) whose baby was diagnosed with cancer in both eyes (retinal blastoma) at 4 months of age. Her baby is doing well today, thanks to the added benefits of cannabis oil. She talks about the experience he had going through chemotherapy.

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3 comments on “Episode 15: Four Month Old Baby with Cancer in Both Eyes Benefits from Cannabis Oil

  1. Amanda Neugebaur Nov 4, 2016

    Great show guys! XO keep up the great work….
    Best of luck and much love to Liz & family ♡

  2. Dixie McCormick Nov 4, 2016

    Thank you Liz for sharing your “story” concerning your babies eye cancer. I can’t begin to tell you how emotional it was for me as I am going through my “babie’s” cancer too…only in my case my baby is 50 years old. Our children are our children no matter how old they get. I am so happy with your little one’s successful healing with cannabis. As a parent I know you spent many sleepless nights with terror going through your body. My son is on Cannabis too and is showing signs of healing though the doctors said it was impossible to heal from the cancer as profound as it was. Colorectal that has spread throughout his body. But his liver is healing and tumors are shrinking and cancer markers are going down. I am an advocate for Cannabis and I applaud you for having faith in it to heal your baby boy. I send out positive energies and prayers that he continues to thrive. God bless you for all you have gone through and may the memory of the pain be erased from your heart.

  3. Kimberly Stevens Nov 6, 2016

    Juice with Organic Carrots, Kale or Fresh Spinach, Hemp Oil, Blueberries, or Raspberries or Blackberries, Other fruits, Mix in fresh ginger, tumeric and ice. A nice cancer killing shake twice a day plus cbd oil twice a day helped cure my cancer.

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