Ian talks to Elaine Nuessler about her granddaughter Kyla Williams, who suffered through hundreds of seizures a day as a baby and toddler due to¬†epilepsy. Conventional treatments did little to help her, but cannabis oil treatment has almost completely eliminated her seizures. She is now 4 and a half years old and is stronger and healthier than she’s ever been. Hear the remarkable story.

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One comment on “Episode 23: Dramatic Recovery from Epilepsy for 4-year-old Kyla Williams Using Cannabis Oil

  1. This was an excellent podcast with Elaine. She has been very instrumental with me in learning about cannabis. I am a recent cannabis user (June this year), and still am, but I did have some learning curves with it, so much so, I went off of it for 1 week and then restarted it. I’ve learned the best way, at least for me is to go slow, smaller, lower doses. I have a list full of health issues and it is helping me for sure and I am on a lot of pharmaceutical medications still. But I hope one day I don’t have to be on all of them or maybe just a few, time will tell.

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