Dr. Dave Hepburn is a medical doctor from Victoria, B.C. who readily advocates medical marijuana for many of his patients and educates other doctors about the medical benefits of cannabis.

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One comment on “Episode 24: A Medical Doctor Who Advocates the Use of Medical Cannabis and Teaches Other Doctors About It

  1. MARK BARTLETT Nov 21, 2016

    Excellent interview — kudos to the good doctor for having the courage to swim against the current and learn about cannabis. We need more docs like Dr. Hepburn – I hope he can slowly convince others in the medical profession. I worked in public health for 30+ years, with many physicians and I know how hard it can be to change the medical mind — not that they are a bad group, but they tend to be very conservative and move to new knowledge slowly. Understandable when one considers that much of what they prescribe from mainstream pharmaceuticals is so dangerous … but how ironical when they could be prescribing something for so many conditions that is so much safer!!

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