Cannabis Health Radio Merchandise

November 27, 2016

Tell us what you think, and give suggestions. What would you like to see in addition to t-shirts, hoodies, hats and mugs? We will use your input to design and then order products.

Pricing will depend on quantities ordered. BONUS: There will be monthly giveaways for everyone who has made a donation through, or is a monthly supporter on


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7 comments on “Cannabis Health Radio Merchandise

  1. I like them all — well done!

    Maybe add some of the indications on the shirts – for example:

    Pain Management

    Just a thought … that way it makes it more real.

    • Cannabis Health Radio Nov 27, 2016

      Great idea! I’ll start working on that one. Thanks very much!

      • Cannabis Health Radio Nov 27, 2016

        Used the posted suggestion for a new design listing the health benefits. Posted on Facebook and sent via email to Mark. 🙂

  2. Where can i find these products to buy? Drew

    • Cannabis Health Radio Nov 27, 2016

      As soon as designs are finalized we will order product and sell them through this website. We are taking pre-orders. Let us know the style, size and other preferences. (Use contact form). Thanks for your interest!

  3. Elaine Salo Nov 27, 2016

    My suggestion is to have the option of large mugs. I’ve purchased mugs to help out a few causes, but I never use the mugs because they’re always small size…and I like a big mug for my coffee. Would be nice to have a choice of small or large mugs ☕️

    • Cannabis Health Radio Nov 28, 2016

      Totally! We haven’t settled on a supplier yet, but I will make sure the mugs are big. Probably offer a cup for home as well as a travel cup, but depends on cost.

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