UK citizen Steve Danks had cirrhosis of the liver and was given 48 hours to live by doctors. He immediately began taking cannabis oil and later starting juicing raw cannabis. He is alive today to tell his story.

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4 comments on “Episode 36: Liver Failure & 48 Hours to Live; Cannabis Saved his Life

  1. Steve Dec 6, 2016

    Thanks guys ,,

  2. vferreira Dec 8, 2016

    WOW I just dont believe these outrageous claims, hemp dosent kill cancer cells nor regenerate liver cells. It does help anxiety, relaxes smooth muscle, can be effective for seizures and muscle spasms. Gives pain relief . These are pretty great things, but dont say that cannibis cures cancer or liver disease. RN

    • Cannabis Health Radio Dec 8, 2016

      If you do your research you will discover, much to your disbelief, that it does kill cancer. The information is easy to find just look for it.

    • Steve Danks Dec 8, 2016

      Then what regenerate my liver cell s ?

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