Hear the remarkable story of Jack Kungel, whose body was breaking down from the side effects of more than 20 years of pharmaceutical drugs. Then, he was diagnosed with bladder cancer. He cleared it with cannabis and now it’s the only medicine he takes.

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4 comments on “Episode 41: He Cleared His Bladder Cancer With Cannabis

  1. MARK BARTLETT Dec 14, 2016

    Wonderful interview. Jack is a great advocate for the health benefits of cannabis.

  2. Jack Thompson Mar 11, 2017

    My bladder cancer was discovered in Oct. 2015. I had very intense pain & very strong immediate need to urinate. Hurry to bathroom ….and just a few drips. Pain continued. Urologist exam included insertion of a small camera with a blade attached through a tube in the penis through prostate & into bladder for a look around. Aha…tumor located & removed. Sent in for tests. Bladder cancer. A treatment with reported success rate of 98% since the late 70’s sounded good to me & began. Go in once a week for 6 weeks (same time & day each week) for procedure. Then a few weeks off followed by another 6 weeks of procedure…few weeks off followed by another 6 weeks, etc. Could take several months to complete. Okay, let’s do it. Each procedure takes about 30-40 minutes. Step by step: Urinate before arrival. Nurse inserts a tube through penis & prostate into bladder. Syringe inserted through tube to suck out all liquid. (There is always some urine in bladder after even normal urination.) Then, new syringe inserted through tube into bladder. It is connected to a 2 ½ foot long tube to a small I.V. (about size of one cup) of a VIRUS held above by nurse hand and gravity fed. Takes 15-20 minutes. Tube & syringe removed then wash & clean privates thoroughly & sent home with following instructions. Hold urination as long as possible. Lay down, roll from side to side for a while to allow virus liquid to coat interior wall of bladder. Then urinate. SIT on toilet to urinate so it doesn’t splatter virus liquid elsewhere. Clean privates thoroughly. Before flushing pour 2 cups of bleach into toilet to kill virus before it goes out into the sewer system. What? And you’re putting that virus into my bladder??? Yes. The cell makeup of this particular virus attacks & destroys bladder cancer cells. Aha, got it. On we go. Upon arrival for last treatment I asked nurse if first 6 weeks ever takes care of it and she said very, very rare. Bummer. A week later urologist camera exam taken. Surprise…looks good… see you in 6 months for another look. Wow…ooookay. 6 months later still looks good, see you in a year. Year later, still looks good…all gone. Gee…..I’m rare. LOL. The pain became less after each treatment & was gone after 4th treatment. I share this NOT because I’m against cannibus treatment for any issue. I share only to inform that the virus treatment worked for me. Had it not worked, cannibus was next in line for me. I know several people treated successfully with cannibus for different issues. Well, that’s my story & I’m stickin’ to it. My best of luck to anyone undergoing any kind of treatment for the very painful bladder cancer. Perhaps you would like to share this information with others. I’m available for interview if you wish. I was in radio & television for over 40 years & have conducted many hundreds of interviews….so I can handle it just fine. Perhaps we’ll chat soon. Thanks for listening!

  3. Tamara cicogna Mar 12, 2017

    It’s hard to believe all of a sudden, people are coming out with stories about cannabis, cure all. I believe if they would substantiate or present some documented proof, I am sure people would get on board.. What stories do you have that MS patients have shown some degree of improvement?

    • Cannabis Health Radio Mar 12, 2017

      Episodes 29 and 48 deal with folks who took cannabis for their MS with amazing results.

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