She had more than 1,800 injections to relieve the chronic pain from a work related accident. For Melissa Ellsworth, from Nova Scotia, Canada, the pain was so bad that at times it brought her to her knees. The pain medication she was taking for four years brought little relief. That only came after she tried cannabis and, in her own words, “got her life back”.

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3 comments on “Episode 53: Corrections Officer Uses Cannabis to Alleviate Her Excruciating Pain

  1. I met Melissa in the summer of 2014 and we quickly became friends. I did not know her story, or even part of it, until 2016, but I knew she’d had an injury that had left her in substantial pain. In 2015, she had to use her left hand to move her right arm; now her right arm moves freely, albeit sometimes I can see a bit of pain register in her facial expression.
    I too suffer from back pain, shoulder pain, and anxiety, and Melissa has been a WEALTH of information for me. I’m very glad I met her, and extremely proud of her accomplishments with regard to her recovery and the recovery of others.
    Very nice to hear this interview. Thank you for this invaluable service you provide, and thank you for inviting my friend to speak with you.

    • Cannabis Health Radio Jan 12, 2017

      Thank you for your kind comments Lonnie. It was our pleasure to be the conduit for Melissa to share her story with others. She was great a wonderful person to talk to.

      • Melissa Ellsworth May 28, 2017

        Thank you Lonnie ❤️ And thank you Corrie for giving me this opportunity ❤️

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