Fernando Lopez of Los Angeles, California had two tumors in his mouth but he couldn’t get a doctor to treat his cancer. He took his health into his own hands and started on cannabis oil. It not only cleared his mouth cancer but his celiac disease as well. A heart warming story from a young man who refused to give up.

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2 comments on “Episode 61: He had Cancer of the Mouth Plus Celiac Disease. Cannabis Oil Cleared Up Both Problems.

  1. magine how terrified the medical establishment is over the thought of people actually healing themselves with medicinal herbs utilized throughout millennia. Imagine “Take this pill and your cancer is cured that’ll be ten dollars” no one at the top of these corporations are looking for a CURE, is it no wonder the established practice is to treat the disease over the lifetime of the patient to the tune of billions upon billions of dollars while people suffer with treatments as deadly as the disease. No doctor ever healed anyone, your body heals itself. Cannabis is illegal because the pharmaceutical companies can’t patent a plant, and there is no money in the cure only prolonged treatment at the hands of barbarians as well as a police,judicial and penal system that thrives financially on these bogus laws. WAKE UP and smell the Cannabis people. Physician heal thyself . Peace, Love and Happiness

  2. Darna Mar 29, 2017

    Hi.I’m in Australia. I have a tumour in my nose tip inside. About yr size of a dime.I’m treating it with feco I make. Has anyone else done this and did it bring it to surface of nose
    Please someone.I have heard it will draw it out and get worse b4better.anyone had previous experience… They want to chop it out.I don’t want scaring. Thanks .bless. Peace out.Dee

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