When Peter O’Toole from Michigan went to the doctor in 2010 he was diagnosed with a long list of illnesses: diabetes, Hepatitis C, possible liver cancer, congestive heart failure and internal bleeding. After refusing surgery, he began using cannabis oil and his health improved dramatically. By his own admission he would almost certainly¬†be dead today without cannabis oil. Listen to his remarkable story, and the stories of those he has helped along the way.

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4 comments on “Episode 62: He Would Be Dead From Multiple Diseases If Not For Cannabis Oil

  1. Ronnie Feb 9, 2017

    Hey Pete your two videos at the bottom of your seed2cure website no longer exist. Maybe youtube deleted them. Just letting you know.

  2. David. Bannister Feb 13, 2017

    What kind of oil is used for. Copd. And. How. Must. Should be taken on a daily. I have. Co of. Please help me. Thank you. David

    • Cannabis Health Radio Feb 14, 2017

      We have done a couple of programs with people who have dealt with their COPD using cannabis oil. I suggest you listen to those programs and find a source of oil. We do not make nor do we sell oil. You need to do some research in order to find out what works for you.

      Cannabis Health Radio

  3. Cathey Bowers Mar 7, 2017

    I sure hope Indiana gets this passed for my COPD.

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