Medical Benefits of Cannabidiol For Degenerative Disc Disease

January 31, 2017

An article on the benefits of using cannabidiol (CBD) to relieve the pain of degenerative disc disease. Not just for humans, but dogs too!

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8 comments on “Medical Benefits of Cannabidiol For Degenerative Disc Disease

  1. Theresa Bibeau Mar 12, 2017

    Hello My name is Theresa, I have fibromyalgia. And a host of other thing that seem to go with it. Like Osteoarthritis. Can you please tell me and others how Cannabis can help me? I have had cancer and have seen what this can do for that and I can say ,I stand amazed by that. But I’d like the world to know if Cannabis can help what I suffer from. Because this is such a complicated thing to have ,I know its hard to treat. And I’d like to see the benefits of Cannabis on it.

    • Cannabis Health Radio Mar 12, 2017

      Theresa there’s lots of information on the Internet about fibromyalgia and cannabis. Just use Google and start to learn about the healing benefits of cannabis.

    • pete lodato Jun 10, 2017

      My Drs at the Hines v.a in ill tell me the meds that they script to all their patients has the same effect on their abnormalities as cannabis

  2. Hey guys, thanks for this! While I have been involved in cannabis for quite some time, I refused to get a medical recommendation, because I did not have a condition that really warranted it. Meanwhile, occasional flareups from a youth spent jumping from airplanes and walking long distances with a backpack turned into a life time prescription for muscle relaxants, and I became a patient.

    I recently had a really bad flare up. I’m a professional. I can’t go to work loaded, even if I’m smoking high CBD flower. I used a CBD topical and ate 30mg of CBD before work while doing my “yoga-lite” at-home physical therapy. (Yes, I also gulped a grown-up dose of ibuprofen.)

    With the muscle relaxant route, this would have been an MRI, some vicodan and a week in bed followed by earnest discussions of back surgery.

    I was not “healed”. I was, however, able to relax the muscles that normally tense around the pain enough that I was back to the three day healing process that I enjoyed in my 20s. (I’m a lot closer to 50 now.) I was able to do it without any psychoactive effect, without the nausea and fogginess that opioids cause me, and I was able to do it with cautious but possible mobility.

    I was a care-giver for about 5 years, and grew for my wife for uterine issues and to produce tinctures for my mother for diabetic necropathy. Cannabis has improved and helped save the lives of countless people I know and love. It has helped me, but I absolutely can’t do my work stoned.

    With the recent breakthroughs in extraction and isolation, CBD has reached a point that we no longer need to horse around with hemp-oil seed-juice to try and find the healing we know is inside the plant, nor do we need to gobble down THC gummy bears for pain management.

    I’ve recently shared my patient story on the blog at, and would be willing to share it with you guys if interested. Shoot me an email if so.

    Thank you for your work, it means a lot.

  3. This I would love to see the results of. What would be worse the pain of DDD or feeling stoned all the time. Hopefully the form of cannibas used would have the properties removed that would cause the sensation of being stoned as it is referred to, otherwise it would impaired a persons ability carry out their day to day functions.

  4. A controlled animal study conducted in 2014 showed that when CBD (cannabidiol) was administered, it showed promising results in reducing the damage caused by disc degeneration in the vertebrae. The researchers analyzed 19 rats and used needle punctures to “injure” the intervertebral discs of their spines, particularly in the tailbone area. The rats were divided into 3 groups, each of which were administered with CBD in different concentrations (30, 60, and 120 nmol). The researchers then examined the discs using MRI and under a microscope. The MRI analysis revealed that the rats who were given 30 and 60 nmol CBD didn’t exhibit much improvement although those who were given 120 nmol suffered less damage. Improvements were observed within 2 days of treatment.

  5. Audrey lamb Jul 21, 2017

    Were can I get pain relief and what will it cost me,…

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