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While playing basketball with her students in 2011, Nikki Stang of Denver, Colorado was accidentally head-butted in the mouth. From that day onward, her life began a downward spiral. It took several years before she was finally diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury. Nikki tells us about how cannabis has helped her heal.

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4 comments on “Episode 93: Cannabis Is Helping Her Heal From A Freak Accident That Caused A Traumatic Brain Injury

  1. anita cyr Mar 7, 2017

    having a TBI from a MVA i 1987 that left me in a coma for 3 1/2 months.cannabis helps me connect the dots so to speak, been a MM (medical marijuanna) patient since 2007.seems now to be the ONLY thing that works.did I mention in 2012 I stopped all Dr prescribed pills?yeah and i ‘m still here feeling better then ever.

  2. Even the benefits of THC and CBD are continuing for me years after brain injury, I am living proof 33 years post. Nasty stuff, so glad to hear you too are benefiting from the power of the flower.
    Mr. Trump, please let the the TBI/Cannabis research continue.
    Game on in the meantime…

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