Stephen Cox of England joins us to tell the stories of how his wife and father-in-law are beating cancer. His wife was diagnosed with inoperable liver cancer last year. This devastating news came four years after she had already had breast cancer. Also last year, Stephen’s father-in-law was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour. Thanks to cannabis oil, both are alive today and thriving.

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2 comments on “Episode 102: Cancer In His Family. His Wife Was Given 3 Months to Live; His Father-In-Law 6 Months To Live

  1. Suzette fox Mar 20, 2017

    I have just listened to the above interview re a chap in England. I have multiple myeloma and want to try the oil. I am confused as to what and how much, where to buy. The gentleman is in England do you have a contact for him as I have relapsed and want to give this a go
    Thank you

    • Cannabis Health Radio Mar 20, 2017

      We do not give out contact information of our guests. There are a lot of scammers in the UK selling cannabis oil.

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