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Does cannabis help pets who have serious diseases? You bet! Margery Elias of New Jersey is a dog lover and has been since childhood. In this podcast, she talks about treating one of her dogs with cannabis to extend the dog’s life.

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3 comments on “Episode 104: Treating Pets With Pot

  1. I have a dog with thyroid and insulinoma and don’t want him on predisone and can’t afford surgery or chemo so I want info on CBD oil and he’s five and a half weighing about 80 pounds but where can I get any type of this in pa thanks

    • Cannabis Health Radio Mar 25, 2017

      Petra, you’re just going to have to research where to find cannabis oil in your state and neighboring states. We are not based in your state so have no idea of availability.

  2. Tom Garretson Mar 30, 2017

    Our dog has been diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma in the kidneys and liver. CBD oil is available in different strengths here locally, but there are no local vets that can counsel me as to dosage. Do you have any suggestions?

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