When Phil James of the UK was diagnosed with a stage 3 brain tumor at the age of 30, he immediately changed his diet, began taking cannabis and also underwent radiation. The doctors were surprised after his first scan in June 2016 that there was no evidence of cancer. Phil has had four scans since then and they’ve all been clear.

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One comment on “Episode 110: To The Surprise Of His Doctors, His Stage 3 Brain Tumor Is Gone

  1. michael w morris Mar 29, 2017

    I went through the same thing with a brain tumor back in 2009 and they could only get 90% of mine because of the motor strip and now I’m waiting for it to grow back because when it does it will be a stage 4 and I will have cancer mine was not cancerous they did a biopsy before they tried to remove the tumor it was the size of a cue ball since they did the surgery things have gotten worse really I have seizures on a regular basis and there gran maul and there pretty bad ones most of the time the only thing that I noticed before my first seizure was headaches and nosebleeds that I would have a hard time stopping but I attributed a lot of the headaches to stress and lack of sleep to my job but I was wrong they found me laying on my trailer unconscious on day getting ready to go load a coil of steel and took me to the hospital and that is when they found the glenoma/tumor and it wasn’t until Feb. of 2010 they tried to remove it if i knew then what I know now I would’ve left it alone when it grows back I will not let them cut on me again it was the worst decision I could have made they wanted me to go through chemo and radiation and I said no there was not a point to they told me it would not prolong my life only help the symptoms on my left side which i have learned to deal with over time hands don’t work the best all the time but it is life have to deal with what comes at us I have went through every anti seizure med on the market with no help from them just side effects tried CBD oil with little to no effect not sure what to try next would like to find something for seizures but nothing as of yet,And the doctors are useless any more they have given up because when there pills don’t work they just go you need to find another nerogeist I have lost all respect for the medical community after all this they don’t care about helping people just how much money they can make that is there goal.

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