She was trained as an Osteopathic doctor but felt frustrated that traditional medicine wasn’t getting the beneficial results for her patients that she was seeking. In 2012, Dr. Rachna Patel of California became a cannabis doctor and the results she saw blew her mind.

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5 comments on “Episode 114: Dr. Rachna Patel: A Cannabis Doctor Who Sees Amazing Results In Her Patients

  1. Chris jibotian Apr 10, 2017

    Hello and to whom ever may concern,
    I have diffuse scleroderma and nothing I do or even the best doctors dot have a great method of treating this particular disease. Have a few questions, have you guys treated anyone with systemic diffuse sclerosis ? And if so what were the results ? Is it possible for a remission. Direct to this pertixular disease? Any answeres would be appreciated. Thank you

    • Cannabis Health Radio Apr 10, 2017

      Chris, we do not treat people as we are not clinicians. We interview people who have used cannabis to treat an illness or disease. At this point, we have not interviewed anyone with diffuse scleroderma. You can find lots of information about cannabis and diffuse scleroderma on Google.

  2. Henry Apr 10, 2017

    My wife has sever copd, emphemsa, i am thinking and indica feco.
    Your comments or suggestions

    • Cannabis Health Radio Apr 11, 2017

      Listen to episodes 37 and 63 which feature interviews with two individuals with very, very serious COPD and the remarkable recovery they made with oil. You’re on the right track with cannabis oil. Don’t get too hung up on strains. Get some oil for your wife, see how she responds and then tailor it to her needs. Everybody is different.

  3. Dr. Patel lost me when she said she recommends patients go the conventional route when diagnosed with cancer. Feel for her cancer patients.

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