ADHD Cannabis Treatment And Why Adderall Is Poison

April 30, 2017

While Adderall is a household name worldwide, what many people don’t know about it is that it’s also potentially carcinogenic. Many food dyes used in ADHD medications have been linked to aggression in children and other serious illnesses such as asthma. The food coloring used in Adderall, Blue 2, has been linked to brain cancer and has been banned in Norway, Belgium, Australia, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Germany and Great Britain. Read more here.

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2 comments on “ADHD Cannabis Treatment And Why Adderall Is Poison

  1. Liz George May 4, 2017

    What form of the drug can be used to trat ADHD other than prescribed pill from Dr?child is 6yrs

    • Cannabis Health Radio May 5, 2017

      Have you tried CBD which is non-psychoactive?

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