While she was dealing with her diabetes, Elle Thomas from Pennsylvania was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Doctors told her that one of the tumors was too close to her carotid artery to operate. She was told to go home and get her affairs in order. Elle is joined by her husband Kevin as she tells the story of CBD clearing her diabetes and then taking cannabis oil to deal with her thyroid cancer.

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2 comments on “Episode 165: She Was Sent Home To Die With Inoperable Thyroid Cancer

  1. Was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in January 2017, am on treatment that is stopping the iver active thyroid, want to know if would it be safe to use cannabis oil for this condition?

    • Cannabis Health Radio Jun 16, 2017

      We are not clinicians and can only suggest you try it. Others have for your condition and it worked. Cannabis creates homeostasis in the body; balance. Your thyroid is out of balance that’s why you have hyperthyroidism. Give it a shot!

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