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Marcel Gignac from Nova Scotia, Canada was diagnosed with a rare form of Multiple Sclerosis that usually results in death six to eight months from onset. But through extensive research and the development of a blend of cannabis with Omega 3 fatty acids (which he is patenting) his MS is gone. This is a must listen for anyone consuming cannabis for medical purposes.

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9 comments on “Episode 167: He Eliminated His Severe MS By Combining Cannabis With One Other Ingredient

  1. Brent Jun 20, 2017

    I have remitting relapsing M.S. and I will do just about anything to be cured of it. But until Canabus gets rescheduled, there isn’t much I can do for myself until then especially since I live in Utah.

  2. Dawna White Jun 20, 2017

    Marcel, I love your story……You are a real trooper and I honestly pray you get your patent. It would help soooooo many people and from listening to you, I kNOW that’s what you wish to do with all your amazing research. I too am a huge believer in Vitamin D and the Omegas but you certainly opened my eyes today with the 3 vs the6 and it makes complete sense to me. Thank you for sharing your journey and I am sorry you had to go through the torments of MS….. But “Baby Look At You Now”….Way to go and thank you for doing this podcast…..

  3. I’ve got SPMS and take cannabis.
    I’d like to see proof of this as I just don’t believe what I’ve read. Sorry and all that.

  4. How can I contact Marcel? My bff wants to do this, she has MS.

    • Cannabis Health Radio Jun 21, 2017

      Marcel Gignac has a Facebook page. He lives in Nova Scotia, Canada

    • Nevermind, jusr got to that part of the podcast.

  5. Jason Jun 21, 2017

    I’m so excited to try this.

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