Our guest had numerous tumors in his colon, including a very large one measuring 12.5 x 6 centimeters. After one month of chemo and radiation, the cancer had spread to other parts of his body. Tom and his daughter Wendy (who don’t want their last names used) join us from Wisconsin to tell the story of doctors wanting to take out part of Tom’s colon, his prostate, his bladder, and sew up his rectum, leaving him with colostomy and urostomy bags. Cannabis oil is healing him.

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2 comments on “Episode 169: Chemo and Radiation Weren’t Working For His Colon Cancer, But Cannabis Is

  1. Doris houston Jul 2, 2017

    I have colon cancer And want to try the CBC oil

  2. Susan Hudson Jul 16, 2017

    This could have saved my daughter, but the consultant poo pood my suggestion I ended up Arguing with his narrow views

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