Tricia Dennis from Florida had a melanoma on her leg that created a gaping hole exposing the bone. She was in constant pain, her leg was seriously infected, and she was fearful that doctors would want to amputate. When she applied cannabis oil to the cancer and began also taking it orally, she felt instant pain relief. Three months later she was declared cancer free.

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2 comments on “Episode 171: Skin Cancer Created A Gaping Hole In Her Leg, Cleared With Cannabis In 3 Months

  1. Tricia mentioned using Black Salve to treat her moles. I’ve had great success using it. I obtained mine from Ecuador at the website: There are complete instructions on it’s use on the site.

  2. Ian and Corrie: thanks for the work the two of you do and for making this resource available to those who need it. The information on the use of cannabis provided here is sorely needed. Ian’s advice on using apple cider vinegar on skin rashes is a good one as most rashes are fungal in nature. Even though ACV and lemon juice have an acid pH, they both become alkaline at the cellular level. But consuming baking soda is not a good idea and I’ll explain why. For healthy digestion, the pH of the stomach is extremely acidic, somewhere around a pH of 2. When someone consumes baking soda, which has a high pH of around 9, it raises the pH of the stomach. And if the baking soda/water mixture is consumed at or near mealtimes, your stomach has trouble breaking down its food. Also, if the pH of the stomach gets too high, it allows for the overgrowth of H. pylori bacteria in the stomach, which is not a good thing. The pH of human blood is 7.38 and the body works very hard to maintain this value. So when cellular fluids become acidic, the body uses magnesium/potassium/calcium to buffer the fluids as they have an alkaline pH. And if someone consumes too much baking soda, the fluid pH swings in the alkaline direction and the body must compensate to lower the pH. The human body is a great self regulating system as long as we get out of the way and let it do its thing.

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