There is no cure for Huntington’s Disease, which is an inherited disorder that results in the death of brain cells. Her ex-husband died from it and her two daughters have it, one of them quite seriously. But Cindy Moore from Ontario, Canada started giving her daughter Erin CBD oil and in two weeks the results were dramatic.

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One comment on “Episode 177: CBD Dramatically Helping Woman With Huntington’s Disease

  1. Dawna White Jul 8, 2017

    A great listen and an amazing story! I did not know that Huntingtons is inherited and how awful that both beautiful daughters have it. THANK GOD for Cannabis! I wish people were more open minded to this incredible, natural, God given plant. Thank you for sharing your story about Erin, Cindy. Keep up the good work! Thank you also to hosts, Ian and Corey! Keep up the fantastic work you do! Dawna White

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