As we approach the one-year anniversary of Cannabis Health Radio, we are sad to say that it’s time to say goodbye. Although there are many more stories out there to share with you, we are not able to continue producing the podcast at this time and will be shutting down indefinitely after 223 podcasts.

For those people we have interviewed, we salute you for the courage and bravery you have shown by taking your health into your own hands in spite of the tremendous pressure from mainstream medicine, and sometimes even the law. These stories were fascinating, heart warming and at times very emotional, and we thank you for sharing your experiences with others around the world. In doing so you have undoubtedly helped many people.

However, it has become clear that the costs associated with the website and podcast, not to mention the time it takes to research, interview, edit, and post the podcasts, along with other helpful resources, has not kept pace with our revenue, leaving us doing this work almost for free. Our donations have been minimal and the reality is that this is simply no longer sustainable.

To those who have made donations, particularly our monthly supporters, we are very grateful. It was because of people like you that we were encouraged to continue doing this work over the last 12 months.

We are, of course, extremely disappointed in the decision to discontinue Cannabis Health Radio but we cannot continue incurring costs for the time and effort needed to make the podcast a success.

Since we have paid for the website for another year, we will keep it up as a resource for people to use. ( You will have access to all podcasts and articles for free. In the future, if we can secure sponsorship/advertising and sufficient listener support through donations, we will revisit the possibility of continuing. But for now we are signing off and are grateful for this amazing year and having been able to share these stories with you. We hope you found it informative and inspirational.

Corrie will continue to help people one on one, as she has done all along. This is her calling and I know many lives have been saved because of her. I will continue connecting, communicating, shaking things up, and trying to make a difference one way or another.

We’d both like to thank all of our listeners, Facebook/Twitter followers, those who shared our posts and podcasts, and everyone who supported us in any way along this journey.


Ian Jessop, Cannabis Health Radio