We are in the season of gift giving, time with loved ones, and reflection on the year coming to a close. Is there someone in your life who was helped by medical cannabis, or someone who could benefit from learning about its healing properties? Perhaps sharing a podcast or article from cannabishealthradio.com could steer someone in the right direction to positively impact their health. There are still articles being written in mainstream media saying things like “there is little to no evidence that cannabis has any health benefits”. How can people still accept this level of ignorance? Well, maybe they just don’t have the information. Although Cannabis Health Radio is currently in hiatus, there are over 200 podcasts and hundreds of helpful links and articles that are posted on the website: cannabishealthradio.com. This website and all the podcasts will remain online until September 2018 (or longer with financial support). Use the search bar to find information on different topics. Share with others, and help educate people about the health giving properties of cannabis.

We wish all the listeners, followers, supporters and interviewed guests of Cannabis Health Radio a very happy, healthy, peaceful holiday season.